Bulk Messaging (Local and International)

SMS messages have recently become the cheapest and most effective way of direct customer engagement. It is more effective than other forms because customers always have their mobile phones, it is personal, and customers can reply as it can be 2-way communication.

Today, e-Solutions helps many leading companies in sending millions of messages as they engage with their customers. Our affordable and reliable Bulk  SMS services can enable you to:

  • send alerts for customer activity, e.g. transactions
  • sending bills
  • promotions
  • sending promotional vouchers

Bulk SMS Features

  • cheapest price per message, with discounts for high volumes
  • specify your name when sending SMs, e.g. “e-Solutions”
  • send to all networks
  • fast delivery and high delivery success rates
  • web portal to manage your messages, approve messages
  • 24/7 local support
  • get connected within 1 day!